It’s That Time Again! 40% Off @ Priceline Haul!

Hello, beauties! It is that time of the year again, that time where you can hardly step into Priceline without being bowled over by a ravenous hoard of women attempting to get their hands on their favourite cosmetics for a fraction of the price. That’s right, for November 9th and November 10th — Priceline has it’s 40% off sale. I know I mark these days in my calendar because they can tend to get a little out of control and if you don’t make it in time you tend to find that everything you could have possibly have wanted is gone. I always liken it to the Black Friday of Australia, it can get that insane, and rest assured half the things I actually wanted were gone by 11am on the first day and it was a constant struggle to get to the front of the line to just look at the displays. So in my usual fashion I picked up things that I loved and run through quite quickly such as my favourite mascara, which needs replacement every 6 months as per the use by date, and also some replacement nail polishes for some of my favourite shades/top coats and then a few new products.

NYX is fairly new to Australia, it used to be stocked almost exclusively at Target, but the range was minimal and if you wanted something even remotely new you were better off trying to get it online, and then Priceline happened. Suddenly, they started expanding their lines, they got more and more brands — which meant there was going to be a possibility of it being 40% twice a year, and then it was. And I praised the cosmetic gods, because this is a very, very good thing. NYX can be a little pricey here, but then again, the exchange rate isn’t good and things get taxed heavily when being brought in which is apparently why some of the high end brands are so expensive here, but there was no shortage of things I wanted to try so it was the main brand on my list, other things included a new Australis lip liner as I really love their formula and perhaps anything else that caught my fancy. In the end I spent $73 and picked up the following:

  • 2 x essence – Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – 101 Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – 238 Regal Rose
  • NYX Lingerie Lip – 02 Embellishment
  • NYX Lingerie Lip – 04 Ruffle Trim
  • NYX Roll On Shimmer – Nude
  • NYX Roll On Shimmer – Mauve Pink
  • NYX Roll On Shimmer – Salmon
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Chocolate
  • Australis Lip Pencil – Tickled Pink

So let’s start with the Roll On Shimmers by NYX. I’ve been eyeing these off for a really long time, mostly because I really love how glittery they are but they have the added benefit of coming in a roll on form so that will reduce the amount of mess I’m making when I’m applying it. The other thing was the fact that there are a large number of colours available. This time, I kept the colours I selected within a range of colours I wear daily. A nude, to put on the lids when I wear a simple eye look, a mauve pink for formal looks and salmon add a pop of colour to the lids when I do an otherwise simple look. These shimmers do tend to have a lot of fall out, but it’s within a relatively acceptable level, and the rolling applicator keeps it contained to the best of it’s ability, although I won’t be applying one of these without a fairly solid base and some Fix+ otherwise I imagine it could be a fairly messy day to day product. These get a big two thumbs up from me, they are really beautiful colours and a perfect combination of shimmer and glitter which really catches the light in a pretty way which could complete any look.

As we all know I have a love/hate relationship with the Lip Lingerie line, while I love the concept and the colours, I’m not a huge fan of the applicators anymore, while I initially loved it, now I tend to hate them as they’re just a little too long and both of these are no exception to that rule. I also found that Embellishment could be a little patchy, with the pigmentation not coming off the applicator evenly as I attempted to do some swatches. Ruffle Trim, on the other hand came out perfectly on my lips and on my arm. I love both of these colours and they definitely add something to my ever growing collection of liquid lipsticks. I am still a little torn on the finish with it not drying down completely, but the more I wear these, the more I notice that they are not as drying on the lips and perhaps it’s that aspect of the formula that is saving me. Embellishment bears more than a a very strong resemblance to Colourpop’s Trap, which is why I initially bought Corset but found the more I wore it the more it differed. Considering I consider Trap to be the perfect colour this is not something I consider to be a bad thing, and Ruffle Trim is a beautiful pink nude which I can see myself wearing often. Overall, these are better than Corset, but not my favourite lip products.

Now for the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I picked this one up in Chocolate as it was the closest colour to my eyebrows, however, I believe if it were available Taupe might have been my best bet. However, I was dying to try this and my brows do tend to be quite dark so this isn’t going to bother me that much. What I like most about this is the incredibly fine tip which allows for incredibly precise application which is ultimately why I chose this product, what I also loved was the spoolie on the other end making it super easy to shape your brows perfectly. It’s incredibly easy to do your brows with this product, it’s not too soft or stiff, it just falls perfectly somewhere in between and I’m really looking forward to trying this one out a little more seriously as I have a couple of sparse areas in my brows which I’d like to fill in quite naturally if possible by drawing individual type hair strokes.

Overall, I’m really excited about all of my purchases. I’m also really excited to starting to put NYX through it’s paces by expanding my collection and actually getting a better idea of how the brand works for me. I’m also really excited to paint my nails when I have a little time off work, and although I’m not looking like getting much time off in the near future, it’s on the horizon and these nail polishes are going to be perfect for a spring look, with a beautiful pale pink with a silver shimmer through it matching up with some of the really nice spring fashion I’ve got coming in the post in the near future. If you’re in Australia it’s definitely worth checking out his sale, particularly if you’re like me and like to stock up on favourites while they are cheap. I won’t be needing another mascara until this time next year at the earliest and that’s something I’m kind of excited about considering it’s one of those products you don’t know it’s going until it’s gone. Did you take advantage of the 40% off sale — let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
x ac.


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