What I Eat In A Day – 13/11/16

Good morning, beauties! I hope the weekend is treating you well. Today, I thought I would continue my What I Eat In A Day series, seeing as so many people asked me about my previous one, and I like these kinds of posts myself for new food ideas. It’ll also give me a chance to show you all what I eat on days where I’m a little more hungry than usual/working all day, so I do try and keep my body fueled. So without further ado here is today’s meals:


I think I mentioned this last time but I’m really loving the smoothies at the moment. Whether it’s something green or just a good serving of fruits and veggies, they really are a great way to start your day, particularly as they can pack a punch in terms of the nutrition department. Today’s smoothie is very typical of me, it’s very tropical, and easy to make the night before if you don’t want to wake the whole house up at 4am on your way to work. It’s also handy that all the ingredients minus the coconut water are frozen, so they last and you can actually pick them up in the frozen food section. I did actually see some of them in pre-made smoothie packs as well, so if you’re wanting to check out smoothies but aren’t ready to commit the entirety of your freezer space to hundreds of ingredients they are something to be on the lookout for.

1 Cup – Frozen Mango – 93 Calories *(Approx. 150g)
2 Cups – Greens (I used spinach and kale) – 53 Calories
1.5 Cups – Coconut Water – 83 Calories
1 – Frozen Banana – 99 Calories

328 Calories



This is the No Noodle Pad Thai from Cookie and Kate which amounted to roughly 310 Calories per serving by the time I’d altered it to suit myself. I definitely recommend this recipe, it’s filling and absolutely delicious and it really keeps well if you make it the night before and pack it up for lunch the next day. It was really refreshing and tasty and definitely a great take on a classic pad thai which due to the noodles can be a little heavy on the calories, so if you like this dish, but are looking for a healthier alternative definitely give this one a try. It’s worth it and it definitely lends itself to a little customization. I added a brown onion and a red capsicum and I can definitely see you could go for chicken instead of tofu which I omitted. The possibilities are endless!



I used this recipe from Taste for the hummus and absolutely love it! This is a fairly standard kind of snack for me, particularly if I’m working like I am today, it’s filling and got a lot of nutrition into a single meal, plus, the added bonus of the homemade Lavosh Crackers which are amazing. If you’re sick of paying for so much for the Lavosh Crackers from the supermarket these area a great alternative, plus you can swap out any ingredients you don’t particularly like. I for example substituted the plain flour for wholemeal and they still tasted great and kept great throughout the week in an airtight container.

1/2 – Carrot – 22 Calories
1/4 – Cucumber – 15 Calories 
25g – Homemade Lavosh Crackers from Not Quite Nigella – 1332 Calories for the entire recipe, which I split into 25g portions therefore giving ~83 Calories
2 tbs – Homemade Hummus – 78 Calories 

198 Calories



For dinner I’m having my aunt’s famous vegetarian lasagna which unfortunately I can’t share the recipe for as I don’t have it, and a really simple salad using the leftovers from this week. In total this meal is about 450 Calories and seeing as I’m coming in under today I’m also having one of the cheesecakes I mentioned in my previous post here. The Ricotta Cheesecake comes to about 157 Calories. 

And that is what I ate yesterday coming in at a total of 1443 Calories! I worked so all my meals for the day were packaged and cooked the night, if not days before, and these are all recipes I rely on for meals when I need something simple that freezes or keeps well for a few days in the fridge. I also try and bake up a tray full of the crackers and have a few containers with all the ingredients I use for my smoothies in the fridge to make things easier for myself, particularly with so many 4am starts. I love all of these recipes and meals, so if you are looking for some new ideas which you can take with you to uni or to work these are definitely worth checking out! As always, if you have any questions let me know in the comments below!

x ac


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