3ina Metallic Eye Shadows First Impressions/Review


Let me start by saying I’m so sorry about the lack of posting, my laptop decided to finally die after a long five years of service and in the meantime I’m posting from my parent’s desktop when I’m visiting home which is fun, especially considering it’s older than my laptop, however my new one is on the way which means I’ll be able to bring you more content, more often and that’s something that I’m super excited about. Another thing I’m really excited about is reviewing the Metallic Eye Shadows I’ve just picked up from 3ina (pronounced Mina) in Melbourne Central. I’d never seen the store before and it just caught my eye as I walked past. It was so light and full of colorful products that I just had to wander in and I was really pleasantly surprised given that I knew nothing about the brand before walking in. Everything was well-priced and there was just so much to try in store with over 40 standard eye shadows, 10 metallic eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara’s and lipsticks in almost any colour you could think of so I decided to pick up three individual metallic shadows.

These products are available in Australia, Greece, Italy, Malta, South Africa, Sweden and the UK or on their website: 3ina.com and the website describes them as:

Our long-lasting metallic eyeshadows promise high shine luminosity, brightening the whole eye area. Blend the formula out to a pearly veil or press on with The Precision Eye Brush for a brilliant foil-like effect. Paraben-free.

Product Information : Includes silicon for a soft and creamy texture. Micronized pigments for uniform coverage and vivid colour 8-hour lasting effect Paraben-free.

After a little consideration I decided to go for the following three colours, which I felt were perfect considering it’s the festive season. But let me tell you: I had the hardest time just narrowing it down to three, there were just way too many shadows to pick from in so many different formulas and finishes so I’ve swatched my final choices for you below!

  • 500 – A Rose Gold/Blush
  • 502 – A Metallic Bronze with Golden Undertone
  • 506 – A Pearlised Gold


I really loved the formula of these particular shadows, they went on very smoothly with an almost velvety texture. This was both with just my finger and with a brush when I got them home last night to test them. I did notice that there was a little fallout with the 506, particularly as it was the most glitter heavy of the shades but it could be packed down without much effort. These also blended out really nicely when I tested them this afternoon so as a whole I am really happy with these. The pigment is great and for the price ($10.95 each AUD) so you really can’t go wrong. That and if you actually head into the store and you’ll find there is almost any colour you could possibly ever want, just lying out for you to try.

Overall, I’m really happy with these shadows. I also tried out the Micellar Gel in store and it was amazing at removing the shadows and products that I was running around and madly swatching all over my hands and arms. Also, apparently it is a cruelty free brand according to a woman I was speaking with in the store which is a bonus for those of you who are conscious of where and how your beauty products are made. I really think this brand is worth checking out if there is a store near you, even for you just to take a look at the range of colours they’ve got! The staff were so incredibly helpful and telling me so much about the products — and given the time of year good customer service can be a little hard to come by! But definitely check out 3ina if you get the chance, I’d give these shadows a solid 4/5!

Have you tried any of the 3ina products, let me know!

Until next time,
x ac


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