Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Review


While I was waiting in the virtual queue for the TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette which I still didn’t get my hands on by the way, mostly as I realised once I’d made my way from being 9000th in line to being able to shop that they don’t ship to Australia. It’s no big deal, it gave me plenty of time to clean and pack and also decided it was most likely time to do some blogging that would last me through the Christmas period when I’d inevitably be eating far too much, and drinking my weight in vodka, lime and sodas — which unfortunately did not do wonders for my waistline but more about that later.

Instead of talking about my holiday kilos, I thought I would talk about this facial spray which I’ve been using to set my makeup and as a sort of toner when I get out of the shower or finish washing my face since Christmas and seeing as I’ve been using it for almost a month that means I’ve had more than enough time to formulate some opinions and ideas about the product to share. Things are still a little hectic around here too, don’t get me wrong — I’m moving house in the next month, starting my Masters of Biotechnology (Clinical Microbiology) at my postgraduate university, graduating from both of my undergraduate degrees and figuring out how the whole commuting to Melbourne every day thing is going to go, but I’m hoping I can continue to bring out content semi-regularly throughout the transition now that I’m in possession of a laptop once more.

Everyone raves about the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater — and it was for that reason that I decided it would be something worth checking out. It wasn’t overly expensive either, I believe it was $17 AUD for the largest bottle available which makes it rather attractive considering what people claim to use it for. As something which is meant to refresh your skin, I found it to be rather drying on bad days for my skin which was disappointing, but a little research into the ingredients revealed why. With Propylene glycol listed as the second ingredient (which, if you’re not sure how ingredient listing works means it’s the second most abundant ingredient in the product) is a synthetic substance that absorbs water, which I feel explains why it leaves my skin a little dry considering it does the job of alcohol in some other products — that and my skin is having a super sensitive week so I’ve been noticing it a lot more.

On the plus side, I really love how this smells, which is always a bonus, and I do love that it’s refreshing, I just really question how effective it is as a setting spray, particularly when it doesn’t seem to be holding up to the standard that my beloved Fix+ does. I certainly wouldn’t use this product if I were intending on going somewhere warm with a face full of makeup on.  Nor would I be using it if I really needed it to blend all my makeup together in the same way Fix+ does. As something to refreshing bare skin, I would say this is something nice and a nice change from some of the products I use, but I wouldn’t be going out of my way to purchase this again, particularly as it’s really just a skin pick-me-up in a bottle and I could just be using other products for that. Don’t get me wrong, on a good week it is hydrating, I’ve just been a little up and down it recently. And seeing as I have so much product left, the smaller bottle might have been nice for flights so I may put some into a smaller spray bottle, we’ll see — but overall, when it comes down to it: It works nicely for a little hydration, but I certainly wouldn’t be relying on it as a setting spray.

Have you tried the Mario Badescu Facial Spray before? What did you think — am I alone in thinking it can be a little drying on the skin, let me know!

Until next time,
x ac


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