Graduation Get Ready With Me

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Long time no post! I guess time does truly fly when you’re moving house, starting post-grad and working 30 hours a week! To get back into the swing of posting I thought I’d start myself off with a graduation look post. I was intending on filming the whole ordeal, but taking my makeup off in it’s entirety and starting over again 2 hours before the ceremony kind of threw that idea completely out the window. So instead, I’m going to have to improvise and talk you through it, which really should make more sense that an incredibly stressed me talking you through the re-do of the entire look. So without further ado, let’s jump into it. The big players in my graduation look included the following items:

The jewelry was all purchased over a number of years, and it’s actually something worth mentioning that often in the lead up to Christmas and big holidays, Von Treskow rings tend to retail for more affordable prices. Mine I picked up in the boxing day sales for $99 which is pretty damn good when you think about the actual recommended retail price — and if you’re looking for something like this, it’s probably good to keep an eye on the stocktake sales as well as the prices tend to drop dramatically around those months as well, I’ve seen brands such as Pandora which are notorious for their lack of sales being advertised at half price during these times, so it’s definitely about weighing up how urgently you might need a piece or whether you’re happy to wait and grab a bargain.

The dress was a complicated process — at the moment I felt that the popular styles really didn’t lend themselves to the look I was hoping to achieve. A lot had large cut outs, were entirely form-fitting or were simply just too short, so I looked to online stores to find the perfect dress. ASOS being my weapon of choice here, if you’ve never shopped with them they’re definitely one of the safer bets in online shopping. I also found that ASOS was a really good way to order the dress, I ordered the size above the one I ended up wearing for good measure and it arrived within 2 days of me ordering it and had returned and had the amount for the second dress refunded in full 2 days later. I went for this particular dress as my sister and I concluded that the dress code tends to lean more towards neat business style attire rather than just formal wear and this dress sort of fell somewhere in between with it’s blush colouring being very much on trend right now, but the style suiting a business style environment.

I ended up going with a tried and test favourite for my tan, that is the Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse. I was going to go for a more natural, less bronzed look, but between the shoes and the dress I felt I needed something a little more glam and bronze so I ended up going with it over the MineTan. This, of course, leads me into the makeup. God, I wish I could say I didn’t end up having to do it twice, but I did. Something about the really thin wing I’d attempted on the first try just looked a little off. It may have been the angle, or really any number of things, but as I tried to correct it — as these things always go — I ended up smudging it and ruining everything. So it was back to square one.

  1. Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation in 235 Miel/HoneyI started by priming my face with the MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere and waited for it to settle before applying the Maybelline Coverstick Concealer in Green followed by my foundation: The Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation in 235 Miel/Honey with a BeautyBlender and then the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15.
  2. I set all of this with the elf HD Powder.
  3. I contoured using the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Powder, before applying the Nars Orgasm/Laguna Duo as both my bronzer and the blush. I then went in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit for my highlighting.
  4. I usually would have gone with the Brow Zings by Benefit for this kind of event, but I was feeling a little rushed the second time around so I ended up going with the NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Chocolate and was incredibly happy with the result!
  5. As always, I went in with the Soft Ochre Paint Pot – MAC to prime my eyelid, and closely followed it with Divinity – Too Faced to set this product, and then proceeded to darken the crease ever so slightly using both Buon Fresco – Anastasia Beverly Hills and Warm Taupe – Anastasia Beverly Hills, focusing the Warm Taupe on the outer third of the eyelid. I then applied Primavera – Anastasia Beverly Hills to the centre of the lid and along the brow bone.
  6. I then lined my eye with an incredibly thin wing using the E.L.F Liquid Liner and coated my lashes with the Get Big Lashes Mascara – Essence. Which I then topped off with the Eylure Lashes I mentioned above.
  7. My lip colour of choice was a mixture of the NYX Lingerie Lip – 04 Ruffle Trim and Colourpop’s Trap in the centre which I blended out for a subtle ombre effect.
  8. I liberally applied Fix+ and that was the entire look done.

It was a bit of an ordeal but I got there in the end! I think the stress of just wanting everything to look perfect for photos which my parents are going to proudly display in their home likely got to me a little, but I was very happy with the result and the photos do look really nice. Regardless, the whole experience was beautiful — the ceremony really tasteful and quite uplifting considering you’re graduating with a pile of debt, and undoubtedly good practice for my graduation from my Masters Degree in two years time, and whatever may follow after that. And let’s be honest, it probably also serves as a good reminder to myself that nothing is as easy as we think it will be so it’s always best to leave plenty of time to reapply a face full of makeup we’re not happy with!

Until next time,
x ac


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