Makeup Declutter & Organisation Update


Good afternoon! Long time no talk, or rather, long time and seventy or so half written and deleted blogs and half filmed tutorials later. It’s been a while, that’s for sure! I thought I’d kick things off with a “spring” but really winter cleaning and organisation post because for some of you, it’ll be more seasonally appropriate than it is for me, regardless, with winter on the way, I felt it was time for a bit of a clean out, I’d mostly been finding that the majority of these products had reached a point where they were no longer useful due to age, I’d never liked them in the first place, they’d all but dried up into shrivelled little versions of themselves or in some cases the packaging had broken years ago and was just causing havoc in my makeup drawer. For whatever the reason, I decided to part ways with the following items:

  • Neutrogena – Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin Moisturiser
  • essence – Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara
  • essence – Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara
  • eos – Lipbalm
  • Chi Chi – Eye Palette in Pump It Up
  • Chi Chi Goes To Rio Eye Palette
  • Rimmel London – Glam Eyes in 450 Celestial Sapphire
  • Savvy by DB – Lipstick in Toffee
  • Sigma – Eye Shadow Base in Dare: Dash
  • Maybelline – Colour Tattoo in 40 Tenacious Teal
  • MAC – Stacked #2 Ā (Gold and Copper Shades)

As I’m currently saving for Europe, I’m trying to be as conservative with my makeup purchases as possible, which would probably have you wondering why I’d throw away perfectly good product in some of these cases, but the reality is, all makeup has a lifespan, and some of these have had upwards of 5 years past that lifespan to collect dust in the back corners of my makeup drawer. So it’s at that point where it becomes necessary to make a few sacrifices. Not only this, but with some products such as mascara and eyeliner, the amount of time you use the product should be limited, particularly as bacteria tends to build up on the product and bacteria is not something that should be coming into contact with your eyes. And the throwing out of old product brings me to the next part of this post: Organisation.


It’s nothing spectacular, I know, basically I’m still using my OfficeWorks branded desk with a large stationary drawer which I sectioned off with little dividers that I made out of MDF board and wood glue which I picked up from Bunnings super cheap. Basically, I measured it all up and cut it into enough pieces to make a section for my eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow singles – creams, pigments, roll-ons and pressed shadows – pretty much everything in this category in one, blushes and highlights – you might noticed a couple of eyeshadows in here, mainly the Kat Von D Metal Eyeshadow and an essence one floating around in this section, basically, I’ve never uses either of these as eyeshadow so they live here instead. The next section is powders, bronzers and contouring — there’s a NARS duo in here as well just because it fit better, the next section is split — I have my foundations and concealers at the top and eyebrow products, eyeliners and mascaras and assorted eye tools in this section. Then there’s all the lip products which I don’t even need to get in to it’s almost shameful how many similar shades I have in there.

I know it’s not the prettiest way of organising makeup — I am totally jealous of some of the drawer set ups I see on YouTube, and I’ll acknowledge that nor is my system the most effective, because let’s be honest pretty much all of the product is triple or double stacked aside from the shadow singles but it’s the kind of organisation system that works for people who are limited on size and money. In total it probably set me back about $120 for the desk and the dividers – from memory the desk was $115 or so, and it’s not like it doesn’t work and it’s easy to clean and find things so it’s always kicking goals for me. (It’s also really easily moved from one place to another, so I’m never going to complain about that. It works for me and keeps everything organised and that’s the main thing.

But that leaves me wondering, how do you keep your makeup collection organised and is it time for a much needed clean out of those little products that expire more frequently than others?

Until next time,
x ac.


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