Get Ready With Me — SupaNova Edition

I had every plan of creating a get ready with me style video with a SupaNova vlog attached to it, but unfortunately that plan went completely astray and considering the amount of things we had to cram in before we got there it’s no surprise we were in a bit of a rush by the time we needed to get ready. Basically, I went to SupaNova — Australia’s answer to a ComicCon style pop-culture exhibition which is currently moving around Australia, and Hamish and I decided that we’d be dressing up (/I decided we would be dressing up). Hamish picked Batman and despite him trying to convince me to go as Batgirl, think a Killing Joke Batgirl not an Alicia Silverstone/Batman & Robin/The-worst-Batman-ever-Batgirl but I decided to go as my absolute favourite version of Harley Quinn and that is the one you see in Arkham Knight.

While the costume wasn’t perfect — mostly because it turns out it’s almost impossible to get burgundy or maroon coloured tights anywhere at the moment and I wasn’t really wanting to have to check any props into the weapons check in considering my options were pretty much going to be a gun and a baseball bat — I’m really happy with how it turned out! So if you’re looking to create something like this here is where I got all of the bits and pieces:

The Costume:

  • The Harley Quinn Wig – $29.99 – (Here) – eBay
  • Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume – $75 – (Here) – eBay
  • Navy Blue Tights – Kmart – $5
  • Black Timberlands – Platypus Shoes – $299.95 – (Here) 

The makeup was interesting, and for me, arguably the best part, I had to figure out how to lighten my foundation even further, and I achieved that by adding some of the Mehron Fantasy FX creme face paint to it and stippling it on with a beauty blender. I continued to add more until I got to a really light colour that still had a hint of colour in it. I then set it with my usual powder and moved on to trying to hollow out my face. The eyes were the biggest challenge, mostly because black eyeshadow is just generally a bitch to put on neatly, but fortunately, that wasn’t called for here. I laid down a massive area of eyeliner and ended up setting it with the shadow and blending out the edges a little. Before finishing the whole thing off with a red lip which I sharpened the edges a little as a bit of a hint to Mister J.

The Makeup:

  • MAC Prep & Prime
  • MAC Studio Sculpt in NC15
  • Mehron Fantasy FX – White Face Paint – $5
  • elf Translucent HD Powder
  • essence Eyeliner in Black
  • Rimmel Black Eyeshadow
  • essence Get Big Lashes Mascara
  • NARS Blush in Orgasm
  • Kat Von D – Shade and Light Contouring Palette – Sombre
  • Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick in Wicked

I was pretty happy with the whole thing turned out, and the event was a whole heap of fun — particularly seeing of the insane FX work and makeup on some of the Cosplayers there! While our costumes were nothing elaborate, considering we spent about an hour getting into costume it was still a bunch of fun! Plus, it was also an interesting opportunity to check out some makeup brands that came along and try out a few products that I don’t usually get to see in store, and even got to try out a StoryBook Cosmetics Wand Brush Set! There was definitely something for everyone there over the weekend, and it’s definitely something I’d look forward to doing again!

Until next time,
x Harley


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