Garnier SkinActive BB Cream – Nude Effect – Self-Adjusting BB Cream in Universal Shade | Review


I have to admit, there’s always a part of me that likes to play the skeptic. I see ads for new beauty products and subconsciously look to poke holes in the claims based on what I know is possible. This is definitely one that proved me wrong. To me, I couldn’t quite figure out how it was that a BB Cream, something I haven’t really touched since 2011 could have come so far that it could match any skin tone to the point where they can produce a universal shade rather than a range — I’m guessing you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say that I just had to find out whether this product actually could do what it was claiming to do and what is that exactly? It comes out of the bottle white and will adapt to your skin tone thereby allowing them to release a universal shade? Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

So this product claims to be a self-adjusting all-in-1-BB cream with transforms to match your skin tone, unifies with natural coverage, achieves a flawless healthy glow, moisturises and has an SPF of 15+. It’s a lot for one product to be doing for the low price of $9 (for all you Australians out there, head to Kmart if you’re interested), and I wasn’t entirely sold on it but as you can see from the photos below — or what I could capture in the short few seconds where it went from white to a light ivory coverage in line with my skin tone that it does actually work. I also tested it on my housemate, who has an olive complexion and is still slightly tanned from a hard summer at the grain site and it did auto-match to his skin tone as well, so I can at least guarantee that it works in the range of ivory to olive but I’d love to hear how it works on other skin tones!

This is by no means a heavy or medium coverage BB cream, if you’re expecting a coverage miracle you’re not going to find it here, but what you will find is something natural that provides you with some coverage and just lets you look natural and fresh without looking heavy and overdone. It’s an everyday look for the days where you’re not interested in looking like an Instagram filter and that’s perfectly okay with me. I will say it was slightly oily on my skin, although I’m finding that I’m coming back from being incredibly dry to being a combination tending on dry — that is to say that I’m oily through the T zone and dry elsewhere. This held up pretty well considering that I was oily and it had a very moisturising finish which did come across fairly oily towards the end of the day — although that could be attributed to the sunscreen or the apricot oil.

This is me trying it out on three separate occasions, as you can see it can look oily and doesn’t do my skin texture any favours where there might be larger pores or dry patches. So a good moisturiser underneath might be something to consider.

I will also say that it amplified my pores on the right side of my face massively, in one small incredibly dry patch that exists just under my eye it was like there were small craters on my face, and if you’re looking to cover a few more spots you might need to use a light concealer, which is something I will be looking into doing but overall I’m really happy with the finish. It’s easy to apply, the kind of easy where you only need a small 5 cent coin size portion and just spread it on with your hands — it’s that kind of easy that would make it the sort of product you could reach for on a day where time is a little bit of an issue and then you’d still have something on, but not anything that is going to slow you down on the way to school or work. But of course, you do pay for that ease of use, it does oxidise and it can look like a bit of hot mess on oily parts of the skin by the end of the day, so it may require blotting or some powder over the top to avoid this.

While I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect I was fairly happy with the overall look. This BB cream provides a really nice light coverage, which considering I’m currently without any blemishes isn’t a huge issue. It also worked on evening out my skin tone, smoothing out my for a really dewy look with a natural glow and the main thing? It does actually match to my skin tone, starting from a white and slowly blending in. Is it perfect? No. I can’t say it’s going to work on all skin tones as I’ve only got my own to work with and if you have an oily complexion you may run into some issues but for $9 and the kind of ease it provides? What do you have to lose? I paired it with some fairly neutral eyes here and a bold lip, something fairly standard if I’m starting work any time after 7am, my biggest complaint being that it oxidised on my skin and looked darker than it should have, and it looked like a bit of a hot mess through my T zone by the end of the day — and that’s something to consider if you’re looking at a product like this.

Have you tried the Garnier SkinActive BB Cream Universal Shade? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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x ac



One thought on “Garnier SkinActive BB Cream – Nude Effect – Self-Adjusting BB Cream in Universal Shade | Review

  1. Bianca Russom says:

    Awesome review! I purchased this product a few weeks ago at Coles. I too typically use a ivory shade to blend in with my skin tone. I found this product went on quite “yellow” but within a few minutes it oxidised ever so slightly to match quite well. I did find i had to use a concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes however. How did you apply yours? I simply used my fingers, but I am thinking perhaps blending on the back of my hand and applying with a sponge may work better?


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