Victoria’s Secret Perfume Review – Love Me

  • Top Notes: Neroli, Apricot, Berries, Pear
  • Heart Notes: Narcissus, Osmanthus, Rose, Vanilla Orchid
  • Base Notes: Woods, Musk, Amber

I am an absolute sucker for Victoria’s Secret perfumes. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the sickly sweet scents that takes me right back to Greensboro, North Carolina to the Victoria’s Secret I frequented during my exchange in 2015. They say smell is strongly tied to memory, and it’s definitely something I connect with when I smell any of these perfumes, particularly Love Me. I actually bought this for my sister for her 18th birthday and included it in her birthday package in the form of a rollerball, mostly because I love rollerball perfumes when travelling and throwing in a handbag for a night out. That and my visit was perfectly timed for the mid-season sale and I managed to pick this up 45% off, bringing it to $21.50! Definitely a win for me considering I just rolled the last drop out of the sad old rollerball that has been in my car for a couple of years.

By the time this automatically posts on the 19th the sale may have have come and gone, but considering at the very time you’ll be reading this I’ll be sitting an exam, unfortunately that was just the way this had to happen. I believe that this perfume has been discontinued, although maybe I’m wrong about that and just misheard the sale’s assistant, but I just had to buy it given the association I have with it. With notes of French narcissus, neroli and sugared amber there’s something undeniably sweet about this scent and it’s why I love it. I don’t need to apply much, it’s just a light and summery scent which doesn’t necessarily have to be just for use in summer. Hell, I’m wearing it in the middle of winter with zero shame. 

I think these are scents for people who want something rich and beautiful, that’s part of the appeal of Victoria’s Secret isn’t it? There’s something sexy and alluring about the whole thing, from the fashion shows to the marketing for their products, image and beauty is just how this brand sells and they’ve got me hook line and sinker. I think it’s worth checking out these perfumes, particularly Love Me and Angel, Angel is just another of those classic scents that I associate with my time in the US (I actually sent 5 bottles of it home I loved it that much) and I wear it frequently. The drawback is they’re not cheap. This rollerball would have been close to $50 without the discount and that for 7mls. It’s not in the most affordable bracket, but it targets people like myself who want something sweet and convenient.

If you’ve never tried the Victoria’s Secret perfumes, maybe drop in and give them a try if you like sweet scents. While I know there’s no shortage of sweet perfumes in the drugstore, there’s definitely something unique about these, and there’s something incredibly sexy about the packaging of these and the attention to detail, particularly on the full sized products. I know in Australia Victoria’s Secret isn’t as much of a thing as it is in the US, we don’t really have an equivalent, Honey Birdette has elements of similarity, but they’re not really working the perfume and makeup aspect, they’re just who I immediately jump to when thinking of an equivalent. Mostly because of the incredible lingerie. But, regardless, I do think they’re a brand to consider for perfumes, particularly if you have a “type” like me.

What are some of your favourite fragrances? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
x ac.


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