Lime Crime – True Love Velvetine Bundle Review

If you’ve been following me for a while you’d pretty much know that I consider this formula to be the most comfortable liquid lip I have ever tried, and at this late stage in the game I have tried my fair share of liquid lipsticks. What I love about these is that they are lightweight, super pigmented, dry down fully, don’t transfer and don’t bleed — basically, the holy grail combination of liquid lipstick features. Which is why I was excited when I noticed that Lime Crime was having a 75% off sale a couple of weeks ago. Now, I know there’s been issues with the brand in the past, hence why I paid PayPal and not by credit card, but considering just how much I loved these colours and a few other’s I’ll be reviewing in a couple of weeks times I could hardly resist. Particularly as I picked up this whole bundle for $10 USD. That’s right, I picked them up for $3.33 a piece, and that’s not something to complain about.

I’d been eyeing off these sets for a while, but considering I couldn’t justify the shipping and the price, I’d been holding out for some sort of sale and it seemed that my lucky day had finally arrived. Shipping was a bit of a killer, as these things tend to be when shipping out to Australia, but they arrived really quickly – 9 business days to be exact – and the shipping was fully trackable the whole way through, so I could see them sitting in customs at the Melbourne Airport which was moderately reassuring. The description from the website states that these are a limited edition trio of matte Velvetines (and I believe they are no longer available, or they have been removed from the site) inspired by the many shades of rose petals which will makes your lips feel luxurious and velvety, like a rose. These products last all day with minimal touch-ups, even through meals and the bundle features three long lasting matte liquid lipsticks:

  • Cupid – Soft Petal Pink
  • True Love – Vibrant Pinky Red
  • Saint – Deep Cranberry Red

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